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Since the trust was first formed just a couple of short years ago, we have seen the ferry up and running again and bus services on both sides of the water restored. By anyone’s measure, that has to be pretty good progress.  Over that time, committed local campaigners have fought for an integrated ferry service and that battle is now some way towards being won.


It is not however time for complacency. The bus service currently running on the island is still in a trial period and early passenger numbers have not been positive. With a growing need to review where we’re at, and with 13,500 currently sitting in the trust, it is time to look again at what has happened so far and to get as many volunteers as possible to step up for whatever comes next. 

Those currently involved in the trust are uncomfortable with the lack of formalised roles and responsibilities. It now feels a little too big to be quite so informal.

We’re asking ALL OF YOU then if you can help. We are hoping for as many volunteers as possible to offer their services, either as new committee members with specific roles or as general volunteers to deliver leaflets and such like.

Paul Gray has agreed to be the acting Chair but nothing is set in stone. Everyone is welcome to volunteer in any capacity he or she sees fit.

Do you want to see the ferry go from strength to strength? Can you help?

We sincerely hope you’ll choose to be a part of the future. 

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